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Money Manager Program

Our Khalifa-Trade Manager program was designed for both Asset and Money Managers. Our program gives you a great opportunity to manage your fund, expand your client base, and grow your fund’s assets, while we take care of the back-office and technological logistics.

With this program, you will have the freedom to customize performance fees, penalties for early withdrawal, and set minimum trading amounts. We will cover the administrative paperwork, support, and first-class technology. This program was developed to let you focus on what you do best - execute your trading strategy.

You will have a dedicated Khalifa-Trade account representative, promotional tools to display your results, and access to advanced reporting features that allow you to know where you stand at all times. Combining our technology and platforms with your trading strategy provides the ideal foundation to build a successful partnership:

Services for you

  • No limit on the number of accounts you can manage
  • Numerous allocation methods
  • Full reporting tools to view and display your results to potential clients

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