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KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy

With the increasing amount of fraudulent actions aimed at identity and money theft, terrorist attacks, unlawful financial operations and other illegal actions, there has emerged the necessity to implement Know Your Customer (KYC) Policies. This practice is especially important when it comes to performing all kinds of financial transactions at banking institutions and other financial organizations.

With that said, it becomes clear why Khalifa-Trade has undertaken special measures to prevent all kinds of fraudulent actions. This means that those accounts that are suspected of illegal activity and frauds will be included into the “black list” and will be immediately suspended. All the rights for owning the account funds will be lost.

Fraud Prevention Measures

The basic mission of Khalifa-Trade is ensuring the validity and safety of information related to the registered accounts. This means that, regardless of the data you will provide and the transactions you will conduct, we guarantee 100% safety and ongoing fraud control.  To make these security measures valid and effective, you will be required to provide additional information, which will also include the deposit type you will choose for your account. To enable you to make the deposit, you will have to provide the following docs:

  • Passport copy, including the page with your valid signature
  • Latest utility bill copy, which involves your current address and full name
  • Deposit credit card copies, the front side of which should feature only four last digits, while the back side should come with the CVV code hidden
  • The history of your latest transactions conducted on the web

If there is something you would like to clear out, please, take your time to get in touch with our customer support team at

When Should I Provide the Docs?

It is highly recommended to provide the above mentioned documents the sooner – the better in order to prevent the potential fraudulent actions effectively and avoid all kinds of misunderstandings and delays associated with the procession of your further cash transactions. Keep in mind that you should also provide the receipts of these docs before conducting any financial operations. This will contribute to your account safety.

We also have the right to request the above mentioned documents before letting you perform some account activities, such as trades and money deposits. In case you fail to provide the required documents on time, all the planned withdrawals and other financial operations will be suspended and the money will be redirected to your account. If this happens, you will be informed about the problem.

How Should I Provide the Docs?

In order to provide the documents, you should first scan them (taking a quality camera picture is also allowed), save the photos in the JPG format and sent them to our electronic address

How Do You Guarantee the Safety of Info Provided?

Here, at Khalifa-Trade, we consider the safety of your personal data and docs a priority. This means that we undertake special security measures to ensure maximum safety and confidentiality. The documents we get are protected with special encryption measures that are practiced at each document review stage.
It is a pleasure for us to cooperate with you. We wish to express gratitude for understanding our aspirations and helping Khalifa-Trade to ensure the safest and hassle-free trading experience you could ever get!